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SmileMore Tee

SmileMore Tee

Our premiere t-shirt design.



"Smile more."

"Why do you look so sad?"

"You would have more friends if you smiled more."

"Come on, give me a smile."

"People would like you more if you didn't look so serious all the time."

And the list goes on...


These are only some of the things I've been told constantly growing up, either by close family members or strangers, and I'm sure you're familiar with variations of them, too. It's crazy how the message that gets ingrained into our brain for a good chunk of our lives is that "we exist to please others," regardless of how we feel. The process of un-learning this programming is a lifelong journey. "SmileMore" tee is to illustrate this frustrating inner experience of being told or made to present an appearance that you are "happy" and everything is "fine," because "no one wants to be around a debbie-downer." Fuck that. You are You. Be You. Embrace your emotions. 


-Eunbi Hina, designer



For custom size orders of 2XL and larger, Please e-mail

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