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SmileMore Clothing Co.

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Welcome to SmileMore Clothing Co.

Were you ever told to "smile more" growing up? Whether it be your great aunt, the class photographer, or the guy at the bar, they all want you to smile more. Well it's okay not to smile.
Our smiles, our blemishes, our facial features, are not what defines us.
We want to remind you that beauty is more than something you see.
You're not on this planet to please others; you are here to exist.
So be you, be happy, and absolutely do not smile more.


Our mission is to create a movement that uses honest and humorous phrases,

accompanied by the artwork of Eunbi Hina, to validate and encourage individuality in today's social "norms".

We hope that people will be able to relate to our work and share our message.

SmileMore Clothing Co. is a huge supporter of local businesses.

We order all of our shirts from a local screen printer in Warrenton, VA.

We aim to work with DMV businesses, artists, and musicians.


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